Did you lose any object in the water?

Please contact us immediately!

Did you lose your wedding ring, bracelet or any other piece of jewelry in the water? The volunteers from Recovery divers will gladly be of service to you, to help recover your precious belongings. Our divers are on stand-by 24/7.

We realize that a piece of jewelry can be of great emotional value and its loss can be devastating. The same can be said for phones, that often contain photographs of our loved ones or beautiful memories.
Wij zullen er dan ook alles aan doen om jouw dierbare bezit weer terug te vinden. Neem contact met ons op als je ons nodig hebt.

What can we recover for you?
We use state of the art techniques, such a metal detectors, pinpointers and sonar equipment. Through this, we are able to locate all sorts of metal objects, such as gold, silver and titanium. From an engagement ring to and earring and from a bracelet to a necklace, we will recover it for you. Also, phones and drones are objects we have recovered in the past and are confident we will find it for you.

All our volunteer divers are trained to dive in difficult situations and different bodies of water, such as canals, harbors and rivers.

Does your lost object not contain any metal? Don’t worry! Even than our divers are confident they can help you.

We have helped many people in the past by finding their lost items. In our news section on our webpage, you will see all their stories.

With every recovery search, we do our utmost best to help you find your lost object. We know every items has its own story and want to help you give its story a happy ending.

We can and will help you!

Getting in touch with us is easy. You can send us a message through email, Whatsapp or text message (please see our contact page). State clearly where you lost your item and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The most important thing is to mark the exact location. We can provide you with a couple of tips on how to do that.

Send us a much information as possible, preferably with photographs of the location, so we know what equipment to bring with us and we can do a proper preparation.

Please alsos see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Do you have any other questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Which objects can we recover from the water for you?

All items that contain metal, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, engagementrings, weddingrings, earrings, sunglasses, wallets, purses, drones, Pandora bracelet, bikes, phones. The list is endless.

Our metal detectors can find any metal under water!