Frequently Asked Questions

Do not search yourself, do not enter the water, you can kick / damage your object deeper into the bottom.


Mark the location and contact us as soon as possible!

We would prefer to say yes, but that is not the case, the basis is safety, also for us.


But if possible, we’d love to go into the water for you!


Contact us!

All divers have at least a diving certificate that meets the situation, in addition, we usually work with a side guard / dive master who ensures our safety.

Simple answer: No

We like to help you, please contact us for discuss the possibilities

We use diving buoys for our own safety, so that other users of the water know that there is a scubadiver in the water!

Yes, in addition to our metal detectors, we use pinpointers, sonar, buoys, etc.

Due to our experience, we can find a large number of the lost objects!

Normally we can scuba dive the same day, this depends on the circumstances.

Sometimes we have to arrange a permit / permission with the authorities, that can take some time.

In addition, we are all volunteers and also have a private life 🙂

Basically nothing. We ask a kilometer allowance and an fee for the used compressed air.

We work with a valuation afterwards!

Valuation afterwards: “You decide what you think is was worth that we dove for you”

But we can’t afford this hobby with a box of chocolates (then we won’t fit into our diving diving suits within months)😉