Has your precious object fallen into the water? Then marking is the most important! It doesn’t matter if it is a ring, watch or other item.

Make sure you know where you lost it! You can mark the quay, draw a line on the ground, take a photo of that nearby post, etc.

Can’t find a reference point? Use your phone’s GPS system. You can share a location via whatsapp that is accurate to about 2 meters, you can also make a pinpoint in Google Maps or another navigation tool.

Is the object lost in the middle of the water?

Even then you make a GPS location where possible. In addition, you can make a buoy from an empty bottle with cap, a piece of rope and a heavy object, make sure your rope is long enough and your heavy object touches the bottom!

Don’t search yourself!

That may sound crazy because it will be your first reaction.

If you start searching yourself, you will disturb the bottom, this will not make it easier for us to find your object, do not use a magnet or rake yourself, you have a chance that you will move and/or push the object deeper into the bottom.

Our equipment can find a lot, but they also have limits!


We can be reached via the contact form, whatsapp and telephone. We are happy to help you!