Recovery Divers what we do

Did you lose something in the water in Amsterdam, Utrecht or another place in the Netherlands? Do you need a scuba diver?

The volunteers of Recovery Divers are ready for you!

Our volunteers recover almost any lost object for you in pretty much all bodies of water, from a precious piece of jewelry such as a ring, earring, necklace or bracelet to your phone or watch, even for a drone we do not shy away!

We dive in water such as ponds, canals, rivers and lakes throughout the Netherlands.

The divers of Recovery Divers are all in possession of specialist equipment to facilitate the search. From metal detectors to pinpointers, we take it all with us. No visibility underwater? Our volunteers are trained in recovering items by sight and touch. They are specialists in finding lost objects under water!

How cool is it that a diving team goes into the water especially for you?!

What have you lost? We are happy to help you!

The most important tip: mark the spot and do not go into the water yourself, because whenever you do this, you disturb the bottom and make a recovery dive a bit more difficult.

Usually we can help you the same or next day, depending on how busy we are and what kind of item you lost.